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Well, not all of them. But it seems that I have equal numbers of renegate technologists and hermits in my arsenal of people whom I admire.
The technologists include: Linus Torvalds, Justin Frankel, and the Woz. People who built things that shook up the world and made it more fun. On the other hand, my non techie role models include Walter Williamson, Tom Neale (of Suwarov fame), Bernard Moitessier, Kris Larsen (Who just left on another voyage after a long stint in Australia). The only folks who seem to inhabit the space in between those two solitudes are the likes of Moxie Marlinspike (Hacker and Cypherpunk sailor), Alex Dorsey (Blogger and sailor who espouses minimalism but makes nice videos), and Perhaps Yves GĂ©linas – who did the solo sailing thing, but also designed and sells a pretty good self steering rig that is pretty innovative.

How does one meet in the middle whilst being sucked into the rat race by the continual pull of family obligations?

Does having kids preclude living life “out there” and making a difference by inventing things?

I will have more time and will devote more words to this question. The actions and experiments that attempt to discover the answers will be at the least an amusing train-wreck of a story, and at best perhaps another path less followed that a few with the spirit may also wander in turn.