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Monthly Archives: December 2013


If you were heading to, and I cannot see why you would have, the website has been merged into had some good story entries from our initial days of the first voyage of the sea munchkin. It was also based on an older version of Joomla which I suspected was full of security holes. I was getting messages with bogus users registering with the site daily, and that cannot be a good sign. At best, it likely meant that somehow these users were trying to get in. At worst, they were using the accounts to make spam or other mayhem that would reflect badly on the Munchkins.

In other news, I expect to merge some of the writing from the previous two trips and then add some pretty pictures.

Here is a breakdown of the web sites going forward… – will be for describing the boat, her crew, HASHING at sea (see, and information and sign-on information for people wishing to crew with us when the boat splashes again in about a year. – WIll feature posts on the following topics (mostly)

  • Sailing and voyaging logs
  • Advice for people who wish to take up the cruising lifestyle.
  • Musings on my research into economics, political economy, inequality, bioethics
  • Rants about information technology.
  • Chapters and teasers from my planned novel, tenatively named “Vanity children”.
  • Practical advice on engineering solutions for marine and home computer lab gear.