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Monthly Archives: November 2013

There will in the near future be more and more useful reading in this space.

Not that I have any more time specifically for writing, or that I believe anyone will read it, but because writing is important. Don’t ask me to speculate why this might be.

I am currently reading through a book which I had high hopes would be interesting and festooned with characters and tales of debauchery and vice. Instead, it is a semi-readable history and travelogue. There are a lot of rather poor travel writings around. I have little enough time to read any of them. Aside from the fact that this is a real book and written by a person I know to have written interesting stuff in the past, I would probably get more out of the works of William Dampier. Now that is a chap I would not mind seeing Hollywood get their teeth into. Scholar, sometimes Pirate, explorer, profiteer and privateer, and showman and writer. Whats not to love. Dampier was directly involved in the life of a certain Mr. Selkirk – whom was later written up as the famous “Robinson Crusoe”. Between Drake and Dampier, there is a lot of cool pirating and exploring to commit to film.

Current techno lust is rather tame: Want to get a new laptop for the munchkin. Would like to find a tablet of some cheap kind for E when she is old enough. Wouldn’t mind some decent glass for the Canon DSLR, or better yet, a full frame 5DmkIII so that finding a decent lens isn’t a trade-off into telephotoland.

I downloaded a lot of charts lately, and have begun running numbers for a potential new voyage of the Sea Munchkin. Some aspects of the next adventure will be especially daring/reckless depending on who you ask for an opinion. With a crew or two and a source of funding, this might actually happen. It is hard to imagine anything happening when surrounded by a house full of possessions that would again need to be given away, stored, or sold off. The amount of work in that kind of unburdening is nearly equal to that probably needed on the boat.

But we will try. Something has to give. The numbers tell me I have spent more than the value of the boat itself on storage over the last few years. That just doesn’t sit right with me. It is like having one foot on land, and the other in a sandy muck-hole on the beach. Every hurricane season the sea rises and threatens to liberate me, or cost me a fortune. Better to be either rid of the thing, or out living on it. Time to get moving and planning again.